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I would like to add the popover icon to the area next to the URL bar, just like where the Firebug icon is. The library to do so, (recommended by a previous answer: Firefox extension icon on the navigation bar using the Add-on builder)

How do I use that library with my Firefox extension? The icon is now currently at the bottom right of the FF window, and it's really small.


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Download this package:

Add the toolbarbutton.js to your Lib folder. Also you might want to add listen.js and unload+.js as well. (The dependancies)

Add the following code in the exports.main function:

// create toolbarbutton
var tbb = toolbar.ToolbarButton({
    id: "TBB-TEST",
    label: "TBB TEST",
    onCommand: function () {
        tbb.destroy(); // kills the toolbar button

if (require('self').loadReason == "install") {
        toolbarID: "nav-bar",
        forceMove: false // only move from palette

This by default adds an array of new icons to the navigation toolbar. Go figure :)

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