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In order to remove most of the unwanted edges, I need to connect components in the image and filter out the components that do not have exactly one hole based on their Euler number.

I know that I have to use image processing functions bwconncomp and regionprops but I don't have experience with them.

This is my code:

gray_scale = rgb2gray(rgb);
BW3 = edge(gray_scale,'canny',[],1);

and this is the image:

Thanks in advance

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This should do the job if I understand your question correct:

filtered = false(size(BW3));
CC = bwconncomp(BW3);
CC_props = regionprops(CC,'EulerNumber');

for cc_idx = 1:length(CC.PixelIdxList)
   if(CC_props(cc_idx).EulerNumber == 0)
       pixels = CC.PixelIdxList{cc_idx};
       filtered(pixels) = true;


enter image description here

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Thank you so much!!! Exactly what I was looking for!!! – dani Jun 17 '12 at 8:54

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