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   private List<List<Card>> GetCardMatchesInHand()
        List<Card> list4;
        List<List<Card>> list = new List<List<Card>>();
        List<GameLibrary.Cards.Card> list2 = new List<GameLibrary.Cards.Card>()
        List<Card> list3 = new List<Card>();
        list4 = new List<Card> {
        List<Card> list5 = this.Cards.ToList<Card>();
        using (List<Card>.Enumerator enumerator = this.Cards.GetEnumerator())
            Predicate<Card> match = null;
            Predicate<Card> predicate2 = null;
            Predicate<Card> predicate3 = null;
            Predicate<Card> predicate4 = null;
            Predicate<Card> predicate5 = null;
            Card c;
            while (enumerator.MoveNext())
                c = enumerator.Current;
                if (match == null)
                    match = element => element.CardValue == c.CardValue;
                Card item = list5.Find(match);
                if (item != null)
                    if (predicate2 == null)
                        predicate2 = element => element.CardValue == c.CardValue;
                    if (list2.Exists(predicate2))
                        if (predicate3 == null)
                            predicate3 = element => element.CardValue == c.CardValue;
                        item = list2.Find(predicate3);
                        if (predicate4 == null)
                            predicate4 = element => element.CardValue == c.CardValue;
                        if (list3.Exists(predicate4))
                            if (predicate5 == null)
                                predicate5 = element => element.CardValue == c.CardValue;
                            item = list3.Find(predicate5);
        return list;

I'm getting said error on this line "list2, list3, list4". Now Why am I getting this error? This is the entire code posted now. Maybe now you can see what im trying to do. Also using this to check for match in the list.

    List<List<Card>> cardMatches = this.GetCardMatchesInHand();
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Can you explain what you try to achieve? – Howard Jun 16 '12 at 17:14

It's trying to do the equivalent of:

List<Card> tmp = new List<Card>();
List<Card> list4 = tmp;

Now you can't call Add with a list of the element type - which is why you're getting that error. You're also trying to use list4 when assigning a value to list4 for the first time.

It's not really clear what you're trying to achieve, but if you want list4 to be all the elements of list2 and list3, you can use:

List<Card> list4 = list2.Concat(list3).ToList();

Or if you really wanted list4 to be a list of lists, you need to declare it that way and call the appropriate constructor:

// Note not using list4 within the initializer...
List<List<Card>> list4 = new List<List<Card>> { list2, list3 };

Your whole metho looks a little confused at the moment - you're not using the list variable at all, and you're declaring list4 much earlier than you use it. Neither of these is an error, but both are a little odd.

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