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Using the commandline visual basic compiler (vbc.exe) with option VBruntime- does not allow using chr() or chrw() to specify a literal char. MSDN gives "x"c as solution to specify a literal character. That works fine, but how can i specify a literal character for a integer value.

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You should be able to use System.Convert.ToChar() to convert an integer to a character value. That is defined in mscorlib so it will be available no matter what your command line options.

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perfect answer, thank you. Now i want to have a one char string from a constant integer. I can do it as follows : Dim Lc as Char = Convert.ToChar(&H09):Dim Lca(0) as Char:Lca(0)=Lc:Dim Ls$=New string(Lca) . Do you know a shorter syntax? –  Teletep Jun 17 '12 at 16:31
Use the String construtor that takes a Char and a count: Dim Ls$=New string(Convert.ToChar(&H09), 1) - Please my answer as accepted by checking the checkmark. –  shf301 Jun 17 '12 at 18:32

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