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I would like to know useful resources / books which will help in learning about Web Servers, App Servers and basics of web architecture as a beginner.

I am trying to learn how different servers interact with each other. How the browser sends requests to the server and server sends a response. I am interested in learning the inside flows of this process.

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You will need to learn about services including (but not limited to) TCP/IP, DNS and HTTP. You will also need at least a basic understanding of routers, switches, cables and the like.

Mike Meyer's CompTIA Network+ study guide will tell most of what you need to know to hit the ground running. The guide comes with a timeline of technologies and protocols, down to cable standards. It eventually hits TCP/IP.

Also check out Wiley's Networking Self-Teaching Guide. It focuses less on hardware near the beginning of the book to leave more room for the concept of networking itself.

If you want to back away from books for a bit when it comes to web servers... Well, just work with this Google search for working with an Apache (HTTP server) installation.

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Thanks for the quick response. At his point of time, I am really looking at server side architecture. Some keywords which I came across are JSP, Servlet, Tomcat, Web Services, REST etc. I would like to learn more about these in order to connect these so that I can understand the big picture. – Sudhi Jun 16 '12 at 18:27

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