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I need to make some queries case sensitive to a mysql db with sqlalchemy how can I make a query case sensitive with sqlalchemy. thanks in advance.

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You would need to specify that the collation on the column(s) be case-sensitive.
SQLAlchemy's support of the MySQL dialect allows several column-types to accept a collation kwarg.
Below is an example of how to specify a column's collation when creating a table.

import sqlalchemy as sa
# -> '0.7.7'
engine = sa.create_engine('mysql+mysqldb://uname:pword@localhost/your_db', 
metadata = sa.MetaData()
some_table = sa.Table('some_table', metadata,
    sa.Column('id', sa.Integer, primary_key=True),
              # specify case-sensitive collation
              sa.dialects.mysql.VARCHAR(100, collation='utf8_bin')), 
conn = engine.connect()
conn.execute('''INSERT INTO some_table (some_column) 
                VALUES (%s);''', ('foo',))
conn.execute('''INSERT INTO some_table (some_column) 
                VALUES (%s);''', ('FOO',))
conn.execute('SELECT * FROM some_table;').fetchall()
# -> [(1L, 'foo'), (2L, 'FOO')]
conn.execute('''SELECT * 
                FROM some_table 
                WHERE some_column LIKE %s;''', ('foo%',)).fetchall()
# -> [(1L, 'foo')]
conn.execute('''SELECT * 
                FROM some_table 
                WHERE some_column LIKE %s;''', ('FOO%',)).fetchall()
# -> [(2L, 'FOO')]
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