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Using: Hibernate 4

In a parent-child relationship where there's a FetchType.Eager mapping, I noticed that Hibernate will load the parent entity any time and EntityManager.find is performed on a child. This seems a bit wasteful. The "behind the scene" loading of the parent is resulting in an extra SELECT and extra object in the persistence context. Also, it forces the app to address the parent-child association when removing a child.

Why does Hibernate behave this way? Is this mandated by the JPA spec?

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It comes from the specification that persistent attribute with eager fetch strategy must be fetched when entity is loaded:

An entity is considered to be loaded if all attributes with FetchType.EAGER—whether explictly specified or by default—(including relationship and other collection-valued attributes) have been loaded from the database or assigned by the application. Attributes with FetchType.LAZY may or may not have been loaded.

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