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I have already installed mediawiki , but I want to make users authenticate from external authentication form.When they enter the right username and password , they are redirected to the wiki page and do not need to retype the Login data again , and hence they can go to edit the wiki the way they want.How can I achieve that?

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Use the mediawiki API with action=login . See

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If you have external authentication service that provides web authenticaion service you can adapt some webauth extension. This one is used in my organization. You will have to customize it of course.

Yet another option is OpenID login with this extension, looks similar to stackoverflow login.

In these two solutions password is not sent between the "external form" and your wiki, only a token signifying that user passed the login challenge.

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Thanks alot .. but some people advised me with the "Authplugin" interface .. What do you think? – Mohammed Safwat Jul 16 '09 at 13:15

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