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I want to log only the urls who are downloaded succeffully. I try with -o log.txt, but that's log everything like headers, ip ...

I just want a simple list like


How I can do this ?

My wget :

wget http://example.com/ -r -v -S -R js,css,png,gif,jpg,pdf -o log.txt
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You can try something like:

wget http://example.com/ -r -nv -S -R js,css,png,gif,jpg,pdf 2>&1 | perl -ne 's|^.*URL:(https?://.*?) .*|\1|; print "$1\n"'

Notices that I use -nv (no-verbose) instead of -v. I also redirected the output from stderr to stdout, so it could be processed in the pipe by Perl. Broken links have a different format in wget output, so you get only the ones successfully downloaded (which is what you asked for).

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Wonderful ! Just try and its work, just some improvements to do and this is perfect. Thank you :D –  RemRem Jun 16 '12 at 21:08

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