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I'm using a DataGridView that gets its data from table in Microsoft Access, one of the fields is a Short Time type record (e.g 16:00) but when the DataGridView is loaded it shows the record as "16:00 12/31/1899" and never shows only the ShortTime.

Thanks for helping.

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The datagridview doesn't look at the original type to do its formatting. If the system type was a timespan instead of a datetime, a default time formatting was used. Perhaps you can influence the binding?

In any rate, you can always override any default formatting by using the CellFormatting event of the datagridview (see link for example)

edit oops, forgot to mention the easiest way: set the format of the defaultcellstyle of a column (can be done in designer):

   YourDataGridView.Columns["NameOfTimecolumn"].DefaultCellStyle.Format = "HH:mm";
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G wiz, that's amazing! Thanks! – user1461085 Jun 16 '12 at 20:38
@user1461085 if this solved your problem, click the holo tickbox next to this answer and you will earn a couple of points. – Jeremy Thompson Jun 17 '12 at 1:31

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