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I'd like to retrieve the image source within the below HTML code block, but can't find the right syntax.

script <- getURL("http://www.floraweb.de/pflanzenarten/druck.xsql?suchnr=4346")
(doc <- htmlParse(script))

<div class="divider"><hr></div>
<div id="contentblock"><div id="content">
<h1>Alle Angaben</h1>
<p>Zu der von Ihnen gewählten Pflanzenart liegen folgende Informationen vor:</p>
<p><a href="../glossar.html#bname">Wissenschaftlicher Name</a>: Poa badensis agg. </p>
<p><a href="../glossar.html#bdeu">Deutscher Name</a>: Artengruppe Badener Rispengras</p>
<p><a href="../glossar.html#bfam">Familienzugehörigkeit</a>: Poaceae, Süßgräser</p>
<p><a href="../glossar.html#bsta">Status</a>: keine Angaben </p>
<p class="centeredcontent"><img border="0" src="../bilder/Arten/dummy.tmb.jpg"></p>

Desired result: "../bilder/Arten/dummy.tmb.jpg"

Any pointers are greatly appreciated!

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Try the following:

script <- getURL("http://www.floraweb.de/pflanzenarten/druck.xsql?suchnr=4346")
doc <- htmlTreeParse(script,useInternalNodes=T)
> img[2]
[1] "../bilder/Arten/dummy.tmb.jpg"

The use of Internal representation maybe necessary


I just looked up htmlParse and its equivalent to htmlTreeParse(useInternalNodes=T)

@Martin Morgan thanks have added below

doc <- htmlParse("http://www.floraweb.de/pflanzenarten/druck.xsql?suchnr=4346")
xpathSApply(doc, '//*/p[@class="centeredcontent"]/img/@src')
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Two more efficient things to do -- no need to use getURL, just htmlParse("http://www.floraweb.de/pflanzenarten/druck.xsql?suchnr=4346"); query the attribute in xpath, so xpathSApply(doc, "//img/@src"). –  Martin Morgan Jun 16 '12 at 21:31
thanks, this helped! –  Kay Jun 17 '12 at 16:19



This selects the src attribute of any p element whose class attribute has the value "centeredcontent"and that (the p element) is a child of a div that is a child of a div whose id attribute has the value '"contentblock"'.

If you want to get directly the value of this attribute, use:

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