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I am using RTextTools to train and classify data which comes from a MySQL table. I have a field called id that identifies each document in the database. However, after using the following code, the id field is no longer present.

matrix <- create_matrix(cbind(data$text,data$id),
language="english", removeNumbers=TRUE,

corpus <- create_corpus(matrix,
trainSize=1:750, testSize=751:1000,

SVM <- train_model(corpus,"SVM")

SVM_CLASSIFY <- classify_model(corpus, SVM)

As stated above, the data$id seems to be lost during the process. Any idea how I can keep the ID linked to the data?

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You can use the cbind command to add the ID column back to the output. For example:

output <- cbind(data$id,SVM_CLASSIFY)
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I feel so stupid! :P Thanks! –  JordanBelf Jun 17 '12 at 1:25

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