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I've been struggling to capture user input using JavaScript and jQuery. I've tried using $("#userInput").val(),getNativeElementById("userInput").text/getText/getProperty("text").

I'm trying to build a user login screen and documentation is really not good.

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I managed to get this to work (not using jQuery though), turns out documentation is wrong. Here is a working example:

var editbox = document.getNativeElementById("editbox");
    function(property, value)
        alert("Text is: " + value);
        alert("getProperty error");

I created the edit box using this markup:

<div data-widgetType="EditBox" id="editbox"
    data-width="100%" data-text="Edit me" data-fontSize="20">

Here is the documentation:


It says value and widgetID will be passed to the success callback, this is wrong, it is property name and property value that are passed.

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