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I have the following script in a web page:

window.addEventListener('deviceorientation', function(event) {

    // Get Euler angles from device
    var alpha = 360 - event.alpha;
    var beta = event.beta;
    var gamma = event.gamma;

    // Display Euler angles
    document.getElementById("alpha").innerHTML = alpha;
    document.getElementById("beta").innerHTML = beta;
    document.getElementById("gamma").innerHTML = gamma;

}, false);

This works great in a browser such as mobile Firefox for Android. It displays my heading, pitch, and roll, relative to Earth coordinates (alpha is always 0 when pointing north, beta is always 90 when holding device vertical, etc).

Now I load the same script into a PhoneGap app using WebView, and it displays nothing. How do I get these values in PhoneGap without having to completely re-invent sensor fusion from scratch?

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