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Im trying to make a simple webpage which obtains football league table data,19540,11660,00.html

For example i want to read in the points column and divide it by the number of games played to get an average points per game column that i will print onto my webpage.

How can i do this online?

Im quite experienced at doing this with offline programmes such as C/Matlab but i dont know where to start with it online.


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Perl is a great tool for webscraping and parsing html or xml. I have done exactly what you want to do for many many web sites and all done with perl using LWP::Simple package and basic regexp pattern matching – mathematician1975 Jun 16 '12 at 23:11
If we are recommending other languages, then Python and Ruby each have many excellent packages for just this purpose :) – Amro Jun 16 '12 at 23:15
Sorry, didnt see the java tag. Thought he was looking for general webscraping options. – mathematician1975 Jun 16 '12 at 23:54
Badly tagged question? never heard of Matlab used for scraping.. – Skizz Jun 17 '12 at 5:22

I wouldn't suggest to do it client side (on browser). It will be easier to scrap on server side (using java for example) following the steps:

  1. Grab the content of the webpage (skysports)
  2. Use existing html markup with regex to locate the desired content part.
  3. Strip/split html markup with regex to get records (tr) and fields (td).
  4. Cast values and do your math.
  5. Use results to generate your version of html or json or whatever.
  6. Serve the generated content to your client.

In general scrapping is easy but not guaranteed for tomorrow as source html markup may change at any time (and without warning).

I can provide a basic sample in C# if you want. (Sorry I haven't "java" since 1997).

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You use jQuery.get like this:

$.get(',19540,11660,00.html', function(data) {
//do the parsing here
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There are several programing languages capable of getting at this information, PHP would be the classic method using curl or file_get_contents and regex parsing to extract the bits you want. You could do it with Yahoo Pipes as well if your web host does not allow remote URL retrieval.

If none of the Java brigade come back with something better contact me and I'll do some rough code for you in PHP.

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