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I am using the stock SDK for php/javascript. Now the app I am building many parts of it, if a user approves the use and accepts the permissions acts as a layer on top of facebook. Where it is planned to have my App pretty much interact with it as if the user was logged on at the time.

Previously I was playing with the offline_access but I recently read that that permission is coming out of the api completely and soon enough any tokens already in existence will just convert to 60 day tokens. I know from what I read that I can renew the tokens on a daily basis if need be when a user logs into my app. But my two biggest questions that I can't figure out one way or another is.

How do I ensure I get the "long-lived" tokens, and with these tokens do I store them on my end and pass them through the api to FB or is facebook storing these and through the use of the api the way it is and I don't need to store them somewhere. I know currently when I login it generates a token and stores it in a php session but the session is usually only good for the duration of the user being on my app. Note this is also a desktop app, not an app within facebooks canvas.

If I have to store the tokens to use them, and the php sdk bases itself off of whats stored in a session do I recreate the session with the stored access token for the user or I dunno, Im confusing myself as I type this out, hopefully someone can shed some light on the subject for me.

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Here you can find some help on how to handle the expired tokens,

And here more info on how to use the new method,
Facebook offline access step-by-step

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All this matter always makes me doubt as well, but I have noticed that facebook usually keeps the token somewhere on the user end, probably a cookie, so that it will automatically connect. So I don't think that the token only lasts a session and I'd rather say you won't have too many problems with the depreciation of offline_access, though this might just be my personal opinion.

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Well I know in July offline_access is slated for complete removal, and any apps that have been grandfathered in for the time being will at that point have all there tokens converted to long-life tokens, but after that life span (60 days they die) grant it I can't picture a need for that many days but more than the short life (2-4 hours) is required for my app in all. –  chris Jun 17 '12 at 4:03

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