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I'm making a PHP wiki engine that uses the same template for all websites that point to it. However some websites have a custom template. Can I make Smarty use this custom template in case it exists?

Here is my directory structure:

/web/wiki/templates                 <--  all templates here
/web/wiki/templates/wiki.domain.com <-- individual template

How can I make smarty use templates in /web/wiki/templates/wiki.domain.com first for wiki.domain.com, and if the template doesn't exist in this directory, then use the template in /web/wiki/templates?

Can I define multiple template directories for Smarty, and have it first try to choose template from the top directory? If I could do this, I could simply change the order of template directories:

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default_template_handler is a callback that is called if a template could not be found. Some "examples" can be found in the unit test

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+1 - Didn't know about this method, it seems like this would be a good solution instead of checking an array with template names using template_exists –  Krister Andersson Jun 22 '12 at 8:58

From Smarty Docs, try:

// set multiple directoríes where templates are stored
    'one'   => './templates',
    'two'   => './templates_2',
    'three' => './templates_3',
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As for the priority, './templates' will receive highest, if a template is not found , it will search in './templates_2' & then in './templates_3' –  adi rohan Aug 10 at 12:46

I don't think you can set priority on different templates, but I'm not sure. What you could do is to check if a specific template exists:

  // check for if a special template exists
  $template = 'default.tpl.php';
  if($smarty->template_exists('example.tpl.php')) {
    $template = 'example.tpl.php';
  // render the template
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Nice approach, I'll try this. I think I'll also try my approach and see if I can set multiple template directories, and then I'll see which one takes priority, if I can. (I didn't try myself yet.) –  bodacydo Jun 16 '12 at 23:23
@bodacydo - Let me know if you find out how to do it. –  Krister Andersson Jun 16 '12 at 23:39

To expand on Krister's code, if you have lots of possible templates:

$possibleTemplates = array(
    // ...

do {
    $template = array_shift($possibleTemplates);
} while($template && !$smarty->template_exists($template));

if(!$template) {
    // Handle error

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