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I want to make a local change in Pandoc and recompile Hakyll so that it uses that local change. So, I downloaded the development version of both libraries:

git clone
git clone

Then I made the changes in Pandoc that I wanted, and then installed it using

cd pandoc
cabal install

I tested with the install pandoc binary that it works as expected.

Now, I want Hakyll to pick up these changes. So, I tried

cd hakyll
cabal install

Now hakyll starts reinstalling pandoc, and gets the new version from Hackage (I guess), thereby overriding the local changes that I made in Pandoc. How can I convince cabal to use the locally installed version of Pandoc and not reinstall it?

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I realized that by default pandoc builds with an old version of blaze-html while Hakyll requires blaze-html 1.5. Rebuild pandoc using

cabal install -fblaze_html_1_5_0

then Hakyll will not reinstall Pandoc.

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