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the problem

I want the image to be centered next to the text.The amount of text will be different in each box so I can't set the height.As I research people mainly use two ways of vertical centering.Using line-height which I can't use, because I don't have fixed height.Second one is using absolute positioning which I can't use, because left div with image inside will cover the text.If I set padding to text, when image is not there it won't look good.

The best I could think of is to use jQuery to get and set the container height, and then set the margin according to the height.

<div class="container">
        <div class="image_holder">
            <img src="" alt="cat" />


    <style type="text/css">
        .container {
            overflow:hidden; }
        .image_holder {
            background:#eaf0ff; }
        p {
            float:left; }


        $('.container').css('height', $('.container').height() );

        $('.image_holder').css('margin-top', ( $('.container').height() - $('.image_holder img').height() ) / 2 );


Is there a way to do it cleanly with pure CSS ?

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The best solution I came up with is to absolutely position the picture inside the box and then use javascript to remove padding if there is no image in the box.

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