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Does anybody know what causes this error to appear and how to fix it? I am just trying to figure out what it means, because I've never seen this message before.

JavaScript Error

EDIT: The only javascript that is used on the page that isnt used elsewhere on the site is this:

<script type="text/javascript"><!-- function refreshURL(form) {         if(form.refresh.value != "0") {             form.action += ";refresh=" + form.refresh.value;         }         return true;     }     //--></script>

Are you not allowed to change the form action attribute?

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Show us the codes, please –  Danilo Valente Jun 17 '12 at 0:45
There is a lot of javascript being used, but I'm not sure where the error is originating from. Do you know a way to figure out where it's coming from? –  C0deH4cker Jun 17 '12 at 0:47
I looked at it but i dont use any file:// or getimagedata functions (unless cloudflare uses these). Ill take another look at the code and see if any of that is being used. –  C0deH4cker Jun 17 '12 at 1:30
So I don't know what to do. Try mapping the error to find its line –  Danilo Valente Jun 17 '12 at 1:34

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