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I'm working with an older project that is using tapestry 3, and I'd like to write tests for custom components. Is there any way to test the content that has been written to the IMarkupWriter?

Tapestry seems to have made the implementation classes for this interface very untestable. Calling toString() on it simply returns Object.toString().

Creating a subclass that creates a new toString() is impossible since they made all of the members private in their super-classes.

Do I need to basically write an implementation of IMarkupWriter from scratch?

I would appreciate any assistance. Thanks!

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Well, I would tend to favor the use of EasyMock for mocking an interface.

However, when it comes to testing components, it's somewhat presumptuous to think you can unit test them in isolation and have any meaningful assurance that they will operate in production, since the components entirely exist to operate in concert with other components and the application as a whole: by definition, this means that meaningful tests are integration tests. I recomment using Geb for integration testing.

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