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I am doing a bidding system where a user can bid on an item. Once the bid ends, the winner is informed with a link to a temporary payment page. They have within a week to claim the 'item' and pay. If they don't claim within a week they don't have access to payment page, then the next user is informed. How do inform the next user automatically with PHP?

Also to inform multiple users for multiple items wouldn't it slow down the website? What is the correct approach to do this?

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might want to research about scripts executed through cron –  tradyblix Jun 17 '12 at 1:38
Sounds like work for a high level programmer. Might want to check out other blogs. –  Fred -ii- Jun 17 '12 at 1:57

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Like tradyblix commented, you want to use cron. You'd write a script that gets executed every hour or so, and you would use cron to execute that. The script would have to check to see if they first winner claimed the item yet, if the time's run out yet, and if they have not and their time's run out then it would automatically inform the next user. If you have a dedicated server or VPS then you can definitely use cron, but if you're on shared hosting you may or may not be able to.

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