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I wanted to port my Android App to BB PB but then I noticed that none of my AdMob Ads where displaying. So I thought this might be because most of the AdMob Ads refere to Android Apps on the Playstore. Therefore these can't be displayed because the PB hasn't got a Play Store.   My Question:   How can I display Ads in my Android-PB App? Is there a solution for AdMob Ads or should I use an other service?

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You can't display any Admob ads in Playbook currently, the current workaround I use it to use Google mobile AdSense and display it in webview or alertdialog and it works great but this is not a good practice

Does your log show 01-22 18:24:37.290: I/Ads(29835418): onFailedToReceiveAd(Ad request successful, but no ad returned due to lack of ad inventory.) ?

check this link too

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can you please give a short example, how you can display AdSense Ads in a WebView? – Ahmad Jun 20 '12 at 12:17
I have asked an other question regarding this subject. It is worth 50 bounty. Here is the link:… – Ahmad Jun 25 '12 at 22:05

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