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JSoup is used to parse the following html

<input type="checkbox" id="id12" name="renewalCheckboxGroup" value="check1" class="wicket-id11" /> 

Here is the code of JSoup

    Document document = Jsoup.parse("<input type=\"checkbox\" id=\"id12\" name=\"renewalCheckboxGroup\" value=\"check1\" class=\"wicket-id11\" />");

Expected result should be id12, however, the returned id is an empty string. I also try to call attribute("id") function as well, but still in vain. How to solve it? Thank YOu

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As far as I know you should select/find/extract your desired Element from your document and only then access its attribute (id for example)

You got several options:

Elements inputs = document.getElementsByTag("input"); //then access the one at 0 index


Element input = doc.getElementById("id12");


Elements inputs = doc.select("input[name=renewalCheckboxGroup]"); //then access the one at 0 index

take a look at the docs for more options...

Use selector-syntax to find elements

Use DOM methods to navigate a document

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