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I have a Wordpress site (installed in root) and a Simple Machines Forum (in /forums). I've spent hours trying to add the Wordpress header over the SMF, but with little luck. I've probably looked at 50+ guides on the subject as well, but the only things that remotely worked was an iframe (which somehow messed up sessions or something with the forum). So don't think I haven't try it myself before asking you guys.

Anyway, what usually happens appears to be stylesheet mixing: I can get parts of the header to display, but it seems like the SMF theme stylesheets are messing it up. For example, see this picture:


I've tried:

  • Using a simple Wordpress get_header() function after including wp-blog-header.php
  • This guide: http://www.nutt.net/2009/08/16/how-to-wrap-a-smf-forum-in-wordpress/
  • Laboriously recreating the header using more unique ids, etc., in an attempt to avoid CSS overlap.
  • Using JQuery's .load.
  • Using an iframe. Yay for ancient iframes; only it came close.

I basically just want my Wordpress header displaying over the SMF, and then hiding the SMF (probably with display:none or something).

Please advise...my eyes hurt from working on this way too much. Thanks!

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No one has any thoughts? I'd appreciate even a link or something, heh. –  LaserWraith Jun 17 '12 at 3:11

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I think I found a working answer. I basically used the CSS descendant selectors to apply the Wordpress styles only to the header. So, I took the id of the div surrounding the header (for example, "wp-header"), and then added #wp-header to the beginning of each CSS selector in Wordpress's stylesheet (using a copy for the header, of course; I also deleted a lot of irrelevant styles). Notepad++'s macros were quite useful.

I am not sure if there was a more elegant solution, but this to be holding up.

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