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When trying to run a junit test I get the following error -

java.lang.ClassCastException: business.Factory cannot be cast to services.itemservice.IItemsService
at business.ItemManager.get(ItemManager.java:56)
at business.ItemMgrTest.testGet(ItemMgrTest.java:49)

The specific test that is causing the problem is

public void testGet() {

The code it is testing is...

public boolean get(Items item)  { 

        boolean gotItems = false;       

        Factory factory = Factory.getInstance();

        IItemsService getItem = (IItemsService)factory.getInstance();

        try {
            getItem.getItems("pens", 15, "red", "gel");
            gotItems = true;
        } catch (ItemNotFoundException e) {
            // catch
            System.out.println("Error - Item Not Found");
        return gotItems;

The test to store items, which is nearly identical, works just fine...

The factory class is..

public class Factory {

    private Factory() {}
    private static Factory Factory = new Factory();
    public static Factory getInstance() {return Factory;}

    public static IService getService(String serviceName) throws ServiceLoadException {
        try {
            Class<?> c = Class.forName(getImplName(serviceName));
            return (IService)c.newInstance();
        } catch (Exception e) {
            throw new ServiceLoadException(serviceName + "not loaded");

    private static String getImplName (String serviceName) throws Exception {
        java.util.Properties props = new java.util.Properties();
            java.io.FileInputStream fis = new java.io.FileInputStream("config\\application.properties");
                    return props.getProperty(serviceName);
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What is method Factory.getInstance() like? It seems it return a Factory object but IItemsService. –  plucury Jun 17 '12 at 3:04

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Your Factory.getInstance method returns a Factory object, and Factory is not IItemsService. Maybe you need to change the following:

IItemsService getItem = (IItemsService)factory.getInstance();


IItemsService getItem = (IItemsService)factory.getService(serviceName);
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You have called the wrong method. The method Factory.getInstance() returns an instance (which is singleton according to your implementation), hence it will throw a ClassCastException when you cast Factory to IItemService.

I don't see any method in your Factory that return IItemService. The only method makes sense here is getService which returns an IService. But it may throw ClassCastException if you try to cast IService to IItemService and the IItemService does not extend IService.

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