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I have a User that is the owner for a set of Posts. I want to get a set of tag counts for the Posts that the user has tagged, but the method doesn't seem to be available.

I'd like something like: @user.tag_counts_on(:context) akin to @post.tag_counts(:context)

For a standalone Post, I can use @post.tag_counts_on(:thoughts) to get a tag cloud for the context of "thoughts"

But the only available methods for an owner of taggings is: @user.owned_taggings, and @userowned_tags. Is there a way to access this?

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Same problem here. Did you find a solution? –  Ben Nov 3 '12 at 8:40
I didn't. I think this is going to require a custom query. –  beeudoublez Dec 2 '12 at 20:42

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Have you looked at the all_tag_counts method here? It's what tag_counts_on calls and it accepts a hash of options, where conditions is "A piece of SQL conditions to add to the query" so I think this may work, not completely sure though?

@post.tag_counts_on(:context, { conditions: "posts.user_id IS #{}" })

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