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I want to use characterAtIndex in Objective-C to compare the character at a certain position and a character ('v' for example). The problem is that characterAtIndex seems to send an int and not a character. I tried to do something like this:

if ([string characterAtIndex:i] = @"v")

or also:

if (string[[string characterAtIndex:i]] .... )

I know that in some language you can go directly to a certain position in the string (like an array) to see the character, but it doesn't seems to work that way in Objective-C.

Thanks for you help !

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characterAtIndex returns a char, not NSString object, so do this kind of thing instead,

if ([a characterAtIndex:i] == 'v') 
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Actually; it returns a unichar, not a char –  Richard J. Ross III Jun 17 '12 at 4:21
Thanks for the answer. I thought that 'v' and "v" were the same. –  Gab Jun 17 '12 at 15:07

I like @X-Slash's answer better (+1), but to be thorough I'll show how you would do this with only OOP cocoa (that is, with NSString's instead of c-strings).

if([[a substringWithRange:(NSRange){0,1}] isEqualToString:@"v"]) { ...

Where {0,1} is the first character, {1,1} is the second, etc.

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