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I don't know how to write when it returns max ID. Please Give me answer.

I have written this in sessionbean but it returns -1.

    public int searchMaxAdvID() {
        int adid=em.createNativeQuery("select max(AdvID) from Advertisement").getMaxResults();
        return adid;
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Problem is that you misinterpreted getMaxResults-method. It does not have any connection to the MAX function. As said in documentation, it should behave following way:

The maximum number of results the query object was set to retrieve. Returns Integer.MAX_VALUE if setMaxResults was not applied to the query object.

In your case it seems to return -1 instead of Integer.MAX_VALUE. This is clearly incorrect. For example Hibernate 3.6.8.Final returns Integer.MAX_VALUE (2147483647) as specified. Method setMaxResults limit maximum number of rows returned by query.

In your case getSingleResult is right method to use. If there is not any rows in table, result will be null.

Integer x = (Integer) em.createNativeQuery(
      "select max(AdvID) from Advertisement").getSingleResult();

If there is not specific reason to use native query, use JPQL query as suggested in Nayan Wadekar's answer.

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You can try the below regular JPQL query rather than using native query.

Integer maxAdvId = (Integer) em.createQuery("SELECT MAX(a.advID) from Advertisement a").getSingleResult();
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