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I am using This code for Updating my datagrid view after the data is updated in access database.The Data is updated for every second i kept this code in a loop in a background but when i am starting the background a big X is being displayed.

            OleDbDataAdapter dAdapter;
            OleDbCommandBuilder cBuilder;
            DataTable dTable;
            BindingSource bSource = new BindingSource();
        dAdapter = new OleDbDataAdapter("Select * from data", cls_rt.con);

        //create a command builder
        cBuilder = new OleDbCommandBuilder(dAdapter);

        //create a DataTable to hold the query results
        dTable = new DataTable();

        //fill the DataTable

        //BindingSource to sync DataTable and DataGridView
        bSource = new BindingSource();

        //set the BindingSource DataSource
        bSource.DataSource = dTable;

        DataGridView.DataSource = dTable;
        catch (Exception)


Then I used this code


and kept this in loop






but it dint work for me

I want my datagridview to update for every second and one more thing when it gets update i dont want the whole gridview to update i just want the particular cell to be update.

Their would be a great appreciation if someone could help me.

Thanks In Advance.

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Why would you update it every second? You can have a Repository, in charge of accessing the BL and to cache all data, in a bindable manner, and bind the DGV to it. –  Yorye Nathan Jun 17 '12 at 5:26
its a live data it updates every second that is why i want to update –  user1447345 Jun 17 '12 at 5:30
can you say me how can i do it @YoryeNathan because i dont have any idea about what you are saying. –  user1447345 Jun 17 '12 at 5:31
You must have something that is in charge of getting the live data and updating, right? –  Yorye Nathan Jun 17 '12 at 5:37
Why won't you update the DGV when a bunch of data is downloaded? Download in bunches, as you do now, insert to DB, and update the DGV with the already-in-hand data. –  Yorye Nathan Jun 17 '12 at 6:21

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almost all datagridview' s refreshing / updating the values will send you onto same way..and in this way the easiest of to "refresh" your dgv is to put this line when you need refreshing values

yourDataGridview.DataSource = yourDataRetrievingMethod  // in your situation your dataset and/or table
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