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How to edit an entity in google sitebricks is the correct way. Now I did it like this.

public class EditEntry extends AdminLayout {

  private EntryService entryService;

  private Entry entry = new Entry();

  public Entry getEntry() {
      return entry;

  public void setEntry(Entry entry) {
      this.entry = entry;

  public void getForm(@Named("id") String id) {
      this.entry = entryService.get(id);

  public String save() {
      Entry exist = entryService.get(entry.getId());
      if (exist == null) {
          FlashMap.setErrorMessage("No entry found with id:" + entry.getId());
      } else {
          if (StringUtils.isBlank(entry.getExcerpt())) {
      return request.getContextPath() + "/adm/entries";


At the POST method I load a exist entry from database,then set the not modified fields back into the entry from the form binding. then do a update to the database.

Is this the correct way in sitebrciks? Is there a way for just update entry in save method just like the entry create way. thanks.

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Hello. I don't get the question. What do you mean by "just update entry in save method just like the entry create way" –  Thomas Aug 14 '12 at 22:32

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You should use the @Put method to edit an existing entity, instead of @Post. The contract there is to overwrite the value whether it exists or not.

@Post is meant for adding new values to a collection.

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