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I'm using QTableView with a subclass of QAbstractTableModel as its model. By implementing data() and headerdata() in the subclassed model, it is feasible to control many properties of the table like data, header values, font, and so on.

In my case, I want the model to set the width of each table column. How can this be done?

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There are two ways:

  1. In your model's data method you can return the role SizeHintRole.

  2. A better way would be to subclass QItemDelegate and override the method.

See here (qitemdelegate.html#sizeHint)

Example -

QSize ItemDelegate::sizeHint( const QStyleOptionViewItem & option, const QModelIndex & index ) const
    QSize sz;

        return QSize(128, option.rect().height());

    return QSize();

Here I am setting the width of column 2 to 128 pixels and I am filling in the height from the item rectangle held in QStyleOptionViewItem.

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I've used this answer for my problem, but I needed to change return QSize(128, option.rect().height()); to return QSize(128, option.rect.height()); in order to compile with Qt 4.8.5. –  Jepessen Apr 24 '14 at 7:24

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