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if i have a ja code

    'width'         :   '50%',
    'type'          :   'iframe'

and a html code

<a href="login.php" id="fbox" class="info fancybox.iframe" 
    onclick="$.fancybox(this);return false;">Login</a>

How to open the fancybox with a function

function openLoginFancybox() {

Then i can use onClick="openLoginFancybox()"

Thank you

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You can use the hooks for that. Take a look at onStart or onComplete fancybox.net/api –  Bram Vanroy Jun 17 '12 at 8:35

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I want to use this function with a gmap:

google.maps.event.addDomListener(controlUI, 'click', function() {
    if(!isLoggedIn) {
    } else {

i.e. a function outside from a fancybox json.

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is this your answer? ... otherwise you should edit your question and add these info. –  JFK Jun 17 '12 at 16:50

Try this out. I have changed your codes as follows:


<a href="login.php" id="fbox" onClick="openLoginFancybox(this); return false;">Login</a>​


function openLoginFancybox(linkObj) {
        href : $(linkObj).attr("href"), 
        type : 'iframe',
        width : '50%'

-- end code --

Hope this helps.

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