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I would like to have review.avg_answer2, review.avg_answer3, etc outputted by the following loop:

  <% @count = 1 %>
  <% 10.times do |x| %>
    <td><%= link_to review.avg_answer1.to_i, "#" %></td>
    <% @count += 1 %>
  <% end %>   

I know there is a simple answer, but it's not hitting me.

I tried "review.avg_answer#{@count}.to_i" but of course it doesn't work.


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Does it work ?

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Thanks that was easy! –  Abram Jun 17 '12 at 8:57

This should work for you case..
10.times.each {|x| review.send("avg_answer#{x}")} OR10.times.each {|x| review.send(:"avg_answer#{x}")}`

If you envision to pass Params to your method then you can vary it by: 10.times.each {|x| review.send("avg_answer#{x}",params1,params2)} OR 10.times.each {|x| review.send(:"avg_answer#{x}",params1,params2)}

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