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So I asked this a few days ago and the response I got was to

This irc bot is not complicated at all. I am just having trouble with a couple lines of code. Basically I added this to the end of the while statement: if ".quit" in readbuffer: print "Found quit command" sys.exit()

Basically what this does is when someone types .quit in irc the script will log the bot out of irc.

The rest of the script (very short) can be found here:

Can someone tell me why the last bit is not working. When I am in irc I enter ".quit" but the bot does not respond at all. I asked for help here a few days ago and the only response I got was telling me that the .quit statement was within the ping statement. I fixed that but still the bot is not responding. I have absolutely no idea where to from here. Any ideas?

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It looks like readbuffer is empty, you want to look in temp[0] instead:

if ".quit" in temp[0]:
    print "Found quit command"

Looking at your bot, there's a few other things that you may want to change, like not making it issue a JOIN command after every line of input that it reads. The PONG response also needs to include the sender, so it should look like this: PONG <your host> <PING body> instead of what you're doing now: PONG <PING body>.

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Thank you so much. It worked out. – Arnold Greenberg Jun 17 '12 at 9:20
@ArnoldGreenberg You should accept the answer then, otherwise your question will continue to show up as unanswered. – Jon Lin Jun 17 '12 at 17:14

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