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I have a content type which has fields as "Title", "Description", "Location" and "IMAGES".

When displaying the complete node content in URL like "www.mysite.com/node/14" where '14' is just an example node ID.... how do I display the IMAGES as a slideshow?

If I try to use Views module, and use the "slideshow" feature, I only get the slideshow with images. What I really want is -- for the page to show all fields in the content, i.e. "Title", "Description", "Location" and a SLIDESHOW of "IMAGES" at the end.

any help is greatly appreciated!

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What about this one?


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drupal.org/project/nivo_slider –  MoraRockey Jun 19 '12 at 7:01

Drupal 7 lets you add field formatters to fields. You can easily use this to add a slideshow field formatter so when the page renders your images they are in a slideshow.

Two modules that help with this are:

  • Flexslider module which says it, "Integrates with Fields (flexslider_fields)"
  • Field Slideshow which is specifically intended for this, but doesn't play nicely in responsive designs (in my experience)

You could also use Views for this by getting the current node ID in Contextual Filters and then using a relationship to get the images and then using Views Slideshow to render the resulting images in a block that is put on every node type...but as you can tell that is a roundabout way to achieve what a field formatter can probably do for you 90% of the time.

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