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I currently have a desktop application that runs accounts on a game server (yes its kind of a bot-.-) and has constantly updating data values (for example ingame currency, time running, current location on map) and I would like to implement a ‘remote control’ sort of system, for example like uTorrent has a web interface for controlling it, and need a few pointers. Basically what it will be is a web page with a few buttons (start, stop, delete, etc.) and a bit of other stuff. I have heard, and seen a few examples of “.NET Web Services” of sort and it enables you to send entire classes and snapshots of data from a application and send it over a network as SOAP… What I’m trying to get to is… Is it better to write a mini webserver and handle responses in the application (for example if a user sends a GET request to the program that’s running the mini web server, trigger a certain event) or am I better to use the SOAP thing… Or is there even a way to get an ASPX webpage to control my instance of the program? I know this is a really general question, if you want more information, instead of yelling at me, just ask and I’ll update my question! Thanks, -Josh

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This link can help… – L.B Jun 17 '12 at 11:29
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Thanks to L.B for providing me with this link: URL mapping with C# HttpListener

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