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I have problem with relationships in Kohana ORM. I have three models: User, Song and Tag.

User {
    has many Songs;
    has many Tags; (followed tags)

Song {
    belongs to User;
    has many Tags;

Tag {
    has many Users;
    has many Songs;


  • User 'Naimad' is following tags: Deadmau5 and Inpetto.
  • Each tag have two songs:
    1. Deadmau5 tag has: The Veldt and Strobe,
    2. Inpetto tag has: Toca's Miracle and The Storm.

I want to get these songs from tags followed by user, I don't know how to do this. I know that is stupid example, but I tried before I posted this question:

$songs = ORM::factory('user', array('name' => 'Naimad'))
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I think you need to use the ->with('tag')->with('song')

$songs = ORM::factory('user', array('name' => 'Naimad'))

then to access the value do a loop on the objects $s->tags->field_name ... etc

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