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I'm using Jboss 7.1.1.final and i have an application with heavy use of JMS. After doing some performance tests i see that whenever i reach a certain amount of messages the application starts to fail since there are not enough queue sessions.

After some research i discovered that this JMS attribute is only exposed in jboss version 7.1.2 (see here) .

Since, for legal reasons, i can't currently use this version (or the specific build where it was fixed) , the only other way to change it is by using reflection. So i downloaded Jboss source code and started playing with it, now i have a few questions:

First of all i discovered the class i need is org.jboss.as.messaging.CommonAttributes which is actually an interface and it has this line :

 SimpleAttributeDefinition CONNECTION_THREAD_POOL_MAX_SIZE = new SimpleAttributeDefinition("thread-pool-max-size",
        new ModelNode().set(HornetQClient.DEFAULT_THREAD_POOL_MAX_SIZE), ModelType.INT,  true, MeasurementUnit.NONE);
  1. Will ClassLoader.getSystemClassLoader() give me the classLoader i need in order to load the class?
  2. How do i set an interface field value using reflection? (the Field.set() method requires an object instance and since it is an interface i cannot instantiate it)
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You are talking about this piece of code. I must disappoint you: interfaces don't have fields, at all. They only have method declarations, without implementation.

What you see there are actually public static final (all these keywords are implicit for "fields" inside interfaces) constants defined within interface body. But the interface is only used as a namespace for them, they aren't real fields. Classes implementing such interface aren't inheriting these fields and having their own variable copy. They are only constants.

That being said - you cannot do anything, at least with this interface.

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Thank you for the clear explanation. –  fatman Jun 17 '12 at 11:24

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