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How can I add a word to the dictionary in flyspell without using a mouse? I know, I can use the regular ispell.el binding M-$ and and go through the menu for that, however, this needs multiple keystrokes.

Is it possible to bind the "Save Word" functionality from the flyspell pop-up window to to a single key?

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When you get to choose options - press i that should add it into your local dictionary (well, does for me anyway :)).

Thorough examination of ispell.el shows that there's no special function to do it, but you could have one of you own:

(defun save-ispell-word (word)
  (interactive "sA word you want to add to dictionary ")
  (ispell-send-string (concat "*" word "\n"))
  (setq ispell-pdict-modified-p '(t)))

But it will work only in ispell minor mode.

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