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I was wondering if there was a 3rd partly library for an active record like CodeIgniter has? http://codeigniter.com/user_guide/database/active_record.html

I have many sites that can't use CodeIgniter now because they are not build on a framework. I really like the CodeIgniter active record class though. Therefore i was wondering if there was a 3rd party class that has the same syntax as the CodeIgniter one. I found some PDO like the PHP standard one but I don't like the workflow.

Does anyone know a similar library, or know how to extract the active record library out of the CodeIgniter framework.

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The codeigniter library probably is not OSI certified, so I would step away using it in your own projects. But there should be a lot of other, better licensed database libraries that follow a similar convention. You could easily write a wrapper I'd say. – hakre Jun 17 '12 at 12:00

There are two famous ones:

For comparison between these two, check out:

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propel and doctrine are ORMs, if you just want to use active record you should look at this SO thread: What's a good PHP Active Record library?

On a side note, CI is open source, just not OSI certified. That alone should not be a reason NOT to use it. http://www.hopstudios.com/blog/is_codeigniter_actually_open_source for an in-depth view.

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