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I am trying to create a chat application in grails. I have no idea on doing this, so can you please point me in the correct direction. The application need not to be fancy, I just want a simple application. Thanks

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how many users? What kind of client? HTML? –  rdmueller Jun 17 '12 at 13:25
not many users, most minimal type would do –  Eddard Stark Jun 17 '12 at 13:46

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There is a blog that outlines the basic principles of this:


 import java.net.ServerSocket
 def server = new ServerSocket(4444)

 while(true) {
    server.accept { socket ->
       println "processing new connection..."
        socket.withStreams { input, output ->
            def reader = input.newReader()
            def buffer = reader.readLine()
            println "server received: $buffer"
            now = new Date()
           output << "echo-response($now): " + buffer + "\n"
    println "processing/thread complete."

This gives you the basic socket connections and input/output streams for a connected client. You would have to adjust this to keep track of multiple clients and broadcast (send to all connected users) any messages from the server.

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