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Below I have a function that animates a div (container) either to the left or the right depending on whether one variable (nextItem) is larger than the other (currentItemRel).

The problem I am having is using the distance variable in the .animate() function.

How can I pass this variable? Currently my JavaScript is breaking so any help would be appreciated.


var distance = (nextItem - currentItemRel) * 1260;

            if (nextItem > currentItemRel)

                $('#container').animate({ left: -=distance }, 1200);

            } else if (nextItem < currentItemRel)
                $('#container').animate({ left: +=distance }, 1200);
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the += and -= modifier for the jquery animate function, has to be parsed as a string.

Check out this fiddle

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I was just thinking outside of the box and putting it as a variable. Thanks, the fiddle was great! – Cecil Theodore Jun 17 '12 at 13:28

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