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I'm looking for solution how can run Ruby script without invoking it directly like

ruby /path/to/file.rb

So far, I have been using aliases in my .bashrc to create shortcut like

alias myscript='ruby /path/to/file.rb'

But now, I need to create a gem which I'd like to use on different computers and my current approach doesn't fit well for this.

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What you could do is the following:

  1. Create a shell script which invokes the Ruby script as your alias does:

    ruby /path/to/file.rb
  2. Set a softlink to the /usr/bin/ path to invoke it in the shell using somecommand:

    ln -s /full/path/to/the/previously/created/shellscript /usr/bin/somecommand
  3. If you wanna go further, you could create a shell script which does the soft-linking automatically.

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Add a shebang to the beginning of the script

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

(check that shebang is #!) then make your script executable

chmod +x file.rb

Now you can run the file as a "standalone" executable

# For example
$ ./file.rb

("Standalone", because the ruby interpreter still needs to be installed somewhere in your path.)

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