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I am new in Android.

Now I need EditText which should be no more than a certain size. Now I try to use this code:

        android:minLines="3" />

layout_height="wrap_content" - in this case my EditText height is equal to the number of letters in it.

But I need make restriction for height for example set height for EditText no more than of center screen.

I know that we have some problem because Android use many of different screen.

Have we got a way for calculate this height. I mean the bottom border of EditText should not be more than center of screen.

Thanks a lot!

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You can restrict an EditText by adding additional values


Furthermore you could add


with some kind of dp value.

I wouldn't use other techniques for restricting the height.

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How can I change maxHeight programmatically? Any idea –  Shan Xeeshi Apr 8 at 6:00

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