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The FB developer forum seems to be the right place to ask questions about FB Connect, but I almost never get any kind of response, much less a good one. Do people get more help with FB Connect here on stackoverflow?

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closed as off topic by Rob Ringham, John Kugelman, Sinan Ünür, ChrisW, Ray Jul 10 '09 at 2:01

Questions on Stack Overflow are expected to relate to programming within the scope defined by the community. Consider editing the question or leaving comments for improvement if you believe the question can be reworded to fit within the scope. Read more about reopening questions here.If this question can be reworded to fit the rules in the help center, please edit the question.

We know more about everything. Facebook what now? ;) – JP Alioto Jul 10 '09 at 1:32
Feel free to ask the question here, I'm sure some SO users have Facebook Connect experience and would be happy to help you out. As Seth pointed out in his answer, though, this question isn't really appropriate for SO. – Rob Ringham Jul 10 '09 at 1:34
If you have a question, go ahead ask it. But don't ask about asking questions, nor ask about StackOverflow. – ChrisW Jul 10 '09 at 1:40

If you're having trouble getting a response, both is probably best. Self-answering whichever doesn't get the answer. Get the knowledge out there!

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Don't most forums have a policy against duplicate posting? – allyourcode Jul 10 '09 at 22:10

Look at the number of questions tagged facebook-connect (61 at this count). That's a big enough number to justify posting a question. However, this current question may be more appropriate for Meta Stack Overflow.

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I did not know about meta, but I kinda' thought someone would mention something like that. Thanks. – allyourcode Jul 10 '09 at 22:11

Not only FB Connect, but for the entire FB application development could be nice to discuss here too. I am also doing some project on FB application and receive only minimal helps and guidelines to get start with on FB forum, especially I am looking at solution on ASP.net MVC rather than their "official" PHP.

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