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I want to make an 2D Shooter Game in XNA. The Terrain shall consist of an Bitmap Image which should be used as an collision map. I tried to do some Character Movement, but I failed with the side-collision and walking up slopes. Do you have any Ideas for that?

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Are you re-inventing the wheel by writing a new game engine, or have you looked at something like Farseer Physics? Farseer has built-in texture-to-terrain processors which work pretty well in my experience. –  A-Type Jun 18 '12 at 15:17

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There's an excellent tutorial on pixel-perfect collision available on the MSDN App Hub.

Basically what you end up doing is pulling all the information from the texture (via GetData()) as an array, and looping through the overlapping pixels in each texture to see if they're both opaque, black, or whatever else you want to use to determine solidity. It gets a bit more complicated if you need scalable/rotated images, but the tutorial above contains instructions for that as well.

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