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Is it possible to create and send a SIP packets programmatically to a registered SIP device ? I would like to send a SIP notify message, something like shown below:

      NOTIFY SIP/2.0
      To: <>;tag=78923
      From: <>;tag=4442
      Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2000 04:28:53 GMT
      Contact: <>
      CSeq: 31 NOTIFY
      Event: message-summary
      Subscription-State: active
      Content-Type: application/simple-message-summary
      Content-Length: 503

      Messages-Waiting: yes
      Voice-Message: 4/8 (1/2)

I would like to use Perl for sending this information to a SIP device. I am new to the SIP world, so my question might sound ambiguous . But any help on the same would be really appreciated.

Thank You.

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Yes, sure, it's just an IP packet. For Perl, my first try would be Net::SIP from CPAN.

Or if you want to keep it really simple, look at the code in this message:

To be standards-compliant, you need to handle SUBSCRIBE messages from your phones and send NOTIFYs only to those who are subscribed - but as your example seems to be taken directly from RFC 3842, I guess you know that already. :)

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SIP is a text-based protocol that runs over IP, just like HTTP does. This makes it possible to write a SIP client in nearly any programming language. Of course it's far easier when you use a SIP stack. @Marie's suggestion looks good for PHP. The Java world of course has several very mature SIP stacks, eg, JAIN. And C# does too: see this SO question.

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