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I have a problem with jQuery parallax effect for my body's background. Here is the code:

    window.onscroll = function() {
        var bh = $(document.body).height();
        var wh = $(window).height();
        var st = $(window).scrollTop();
        var p = wh / bh;
        var pp = (st * p);
        $('body').css({backgroundPosition: '50% -'+pp+'px'});


This code is great but after I have added I header with logo and nav menu they closed some part of background so not looks good enought now. Here is the link also The height of my header is 129px by the way. Seems I need to make background-position +129px but can't figured out how to make it work properly with javascript. Any help please?

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It would be nice if you've provided us with jsFiddle sandbox. – madfriend Jun 17 '12 at 16:59
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just add here:

var topPosition = pp + 129;
$('body').css({backgroundPosition: '50% -'+topPosition +'px'});


 $('body').css({backgroundPosition: '50% -'+ (pp + 129) +'px'}); // the parentesis avoid concatenation also

this way you'll properly add the offset you want. don't do it inside the string concatenation because the browser might append ==> wich would cause something like: for pp=99 ==> pp+129 = '99129'.

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