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My postgres crosstab query reads:

SELECT mthreport.*
FROM crosstab
to_char(ipstimestamp, ''mon DD HH24h'') As row_name, 
varid::text || log.varid || ''_'' || ips.objectname::text As bucket, 
COUNT(*)::integer As bucketvalue
FROM loggingdb_ips_boolean As log 
INNER JOIN IpsObjects As ips 
ON log.Varid=ips.ObjectId
GROUP BY to_char(ipstimestamp, ''yyyy MM DD HH24h''), row_name, bucket 
ORDER BY to_char(ipstimestamp, ''yyyy MM DD HH24h''), row_name, bucket')
As mthreport(item_name text,
jan3 integer, feb4 integer, mar5 integer)

is there any way that I can pull the three items enumerated in the last line (jan3 integer, etc.) from an ancillary query? I tried to substitute the last line with 'SELECT xyz FROM zyx', but that doesn't work.

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In the basic form of the query, you have to spell out the column names and types in the calling SELECT.

There are the crosstabN(text) variants that use a pre-defined return types.

For full automation you'll have to wrap each individual query into a function where you can predefine the return type. I posted a detailed example here.

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